Monday, November 19, 2012

Just a couple quick pictures of randomness

Yep...this year was the big election year. So glad it's over and happy that I'm not hearing so much unrest between people.  I don't know if it was the wide range of social media now in use or because our country is in such a crappy economical state but it seemed as though this was the most heated election I've been able to remember.  Needless to say...I did my part and voted.  Not that it really matters in Utah.  Our votes don't seem to make a difference and you can pretty much guess which way they're going to go.
Roxy is getting bigger and we needed to get her a bigger kennel.  I need to mention how much nicer it is to have a dog that we kennel trained instead of one who ran the show lol.  However, this new kennel provides lots of room for Roxy's "brothers" to hang out with her.

I was at Brittani's for her birthday and sent her and Chris out while I stayed with the kids.  It hadn't been a very good day for me but I snapped this picture of my 2 buddies who can always cheer me up :)  And for the record...Brittani did NOT choose this haircut for Paisley.  She decided to be her own hairdresser FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!  What a stinker!  The best part was Max giving Pais a lecture on how we don't cut our hair, only paper.  It was all on his own too, no prompting.  Thankfully it doesn't seem as though I'll ever have to worry about Max and the scissors :)

I went to Gavin's parent teacher conferences for the first time.  His teacher said they had an assignment to draw a picture and then try their hardest to write something about it all on their own.  She wasn't exactly sure what this said.  I wasn't either, but then I asked Gavin and it made perfect sense.  "Mom had a baby."  How cute is that.  The irony is he had no idea I was pregnant and had just found out the day before that I was going to miscarry as they couldn't find a heartbeat.  That brought on another round of tears for sure.  (I'm sorry if you read this blog and didn't know.  Please don't feel the need to send your condolences.  I'm doing ok.  Maybe I'll blog about it eventually.)
Paisley spends lots of time with us when Mommy is at school.  Somedays she really misses her and we have to send pictures to her. 
We had our first big snowstorm and the boys were in HEAVEN.  Gavin didn't even have time to be included in this picture he was out the door so fast once those snow clothes were on!
The boys had a sleepover at Aunt Britt's and she sent me this cute picture of Max falling asleep. 
Naturally Gavin had to pretend he was sleeping for a picture too!  I love it!


sam c.hart jr said...

Great post!

bpetersen said...

I love those boys!! :) You too of course!

Abelardo Luz said...

Nice post, after all, "What is someone who doesn't help anyone?"

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