Friday, November 9, 2012


Gavin is so into writing.  He is loving school and doing so well.  We've been working on reading and sounding things out.  The other day he brought me this paper.  I looked and it and tried really hard not to laugh.  People and their texting, acronyms these days have given meaning to the abbreviation of WTF.  We'll just go with "what the freak?" for those of you who may not know this one.  So he brings me this paper....

 Mom and Alan were visiting and none of us could stop laughing.  I asked Gavin what it meant and he said, "Duh, Won, Two, Free!"  Yep, he had sounded it all out to put the correct first letter with the number :)  He was so proud!

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The Ormond Family said...

This made me laugh out loud!