Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd Annual Smith Family Reunion

3 years ago, Keith's family started this tradition of having a family reunion every summer with just his parents and siblings. It's not like we don't all live with a 10 mile radius of eachother, but for some reason, we just don't see everyone that much. There are 6 kids in his family and we are rotating through who plans it each year. Keith being the youngest, we're last, which you can look at as a good thing since we don't have to do it for awhile, but a bad thing because when it's our turn, there won't be anything left to do!

This year was his brother's turn, (which obviously means his wife's turn!). We went up to the Brighton Chalets up Big Cottonwood Canyon and stayed in the biggest one they had. Naturally since there were 30 of us! It seemed spacious enough until it snowed on us most of the time and we were all together all of the time!!!! Not complaining in particular about being with them, one can just imagine what it's like going from my little house of 3 of us, to 30 people, 16 of whom are children. We did find a little break in the snow to go outside for our "Itty Bitty Hunt" and a short walk.

I was worried about how Gavin would do going to bed and down for naps, but he did okay. Obviously he still does better at home in his own crib without other kids screaming around him, but I was proud of him. He loved being with all the kids and I think it helped him realize he doesn't have to be attached to me all the time. He just kept walking around doing his own thing and would come back and check in with me periodically. He's so funny!

The first night we had Hawaiian night and I don't have any pictures of us in our Hawaiian gear. The next was cowboy night, which I do have some pictures of the kids. I'm not a real clever person when it comes to dressing up, nor do I really like to do it. We also had a talent show the 2nd night (also not a big fan of this, but the kids were cute!) where people did everything from singing, elk calling, sharing beef jerky they made, magic tricks, instrument playing, poem reciting, story telling, to telling clever jokes. My sister in law had planned that we should make up a commercial as a family and be ready to share that in between things. This actually turned out pretty funny!

All in all, it was a great time and I am looking forward to next year (because it's still not our turn to plan!!!) We're lucky to have such a great, and BIG family. I don't think any of them even read this blog, but I love them all and think that they are a wonderful family to be married into. Thank you Smith Family!

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tamster17 said...

Sounds like a great family tradition. What fun to create memories together like that! I'll have to find out more info on the Chalets you stayed and at maybe start something up like that with my fam.