Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day....again

Lately there is something seriously wrong with Blogger everytime I try and post something. I wrote up this big ol' Father's day thing yesterday and all it saved were 2 pictures and put them behind a previous post. Whatever! So here we go again, now that I have some time!

I just wanted to let Keith know how much we (me and Gavin) love him as a father. He is so wonderful to us. I couldn't ask for a better father to my child. I love how excited Gavin gets to see him. He gets so excited when he hears the front door open at the end of the day and runs right to the stairs to see his daddy. I love how much Keith misses him during the day and always calls to see how he is doing. I love his patience with Gavin, especially when mine is running low! We're so proud of the dad he is and will become. We're thankful for his desire to be a dad, and for the things that he teaches Gavin. We love you, Keith! Happy Father's Day!

It also wouldn't be right to not mention my dad in this post! I'm so thankful for him in my life. He has always worked so hard to provide for us. I love how he just tells it how it is. He's never afraid to let you know what he is thinking (even when he shouldn't!). I'm proud of him and everything he has accomplished and become. I know he loves being a grandpa and wants to be close to his grandkids, the way his dad was with his children. I'm grateful for his love for the gospel. Mostly, I'm just grateful that he is my dad.

Next in line, my step-father, Alan. Although I've only had the last 2 and a half years to get to know him, I can honestly say that I love him. He has so much love and respect for my mom, and I love how happy he makes her. I love that he just jumped right into being part of our family, even though I'm sure it was a daunting task to marry someone with almost 3 grown children. I teased him when I told him we were having a baby that he probably didn't expect to become a grandpa so soon (his kids are younger). I love his love for Gavin, and how he never leaves without his hugs. Thank you for being part of my family, Alan.

And now, I just tried to upload pictures for this post and it says there is an internal error and I can't do it right now!!!!!!!!!!!! I will have to come back and do so, STUPID BLOGGER!


The Gatherum Family said...

Cute post Janelle. I know, blogger is SUCKING lately. Everytime I am using it, it freezes up...well, hopefully it will start running better. I mean, what else would I do with my time?!!???!?!

tamster17 said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Fathers in your life. It's great to reflect on people and vocalize what they really mean to us.