Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Splish, Splash, gettin ready for summer!

For Gavin's birthday we got him a little pool that we can put out in the backyard. He loves taking a bath so we just figured he might love a little swimming pool. We decided to set it up Saturday and let the sun warm it. Gavin was fascinated by it even without the water.

I took him inside and undertook the lengthy process of dressing him in a swimming diaper, swimming suit and sunscreen (which he is not too fond of, by the way). Then back outside we went to catch some rays and splash around. Or so I thought! The water was still incredibly cold, and Gavin enjoyed standing by the pool splashing his hands in it,
but was less than thrilled to be completely submerged in the water! I'm sure this was only due to it being FREEZING, but I really wanted to see him having fun! We'll have to try again on a warmer day with warmer water and I think he'll really like it. He was quite please when daddy rescued him from the icy water!


The Gatherum Family said...

So cute. You guys will have to come to the pool with us this summer. My kids LOVE being outside in the water!

bpetersen said...

That picture of him and Keith is adorable! Kenna and I will have to come up to visit when it's warm for a summer swim! I dropped a class for the second half of the summer so... I won't be as busy! yay!

Love ya!

Tristin said...

that is so cool. he looks so happy in the pool

tamster17 said...

Too cute! I bet he will love it when the water is warmer! Connor always loved his bath, but hated the swimming pool the last 2 years -- we think it was the noise and commotion of it all. Hopefully this summer he will enjoy it!