Thursday, August 26, 2010

Best Friends and Soccer

I don't know that at 3 you really have a "best" friend, but Gavin sure plays well with a certain friend. Keith's best friend growing up and his wife had a baby about 2 months before we had Gavin. These 2 little guys have grown up playing together and we're getting to that stage in life where they start actually "playing" together. It's so cute to listen to them and hear what they say to eachother.

Grant and Jason invited Keith and Gavin to go to a Real Salt Lake soccer game with them the other day. I wasn't there but Keith said Gavin enjoyed it and now Gavin keeps talking to me about soccer. His Aunt Tay will be excited to know this since she loves soccer. Maybe Gavin will take after her!

Best Buds...Gavin and Jason


Derek and Lisa said...

Why am I just now finding this?! Yay for your blog!!

mistieleigh said...

what cuties!
i love overhearing conversations from kids that fun...