Thursday, August 26, 2010


We love to camp. Seems like we should do it a lot more than we do. Camping trips with my family are some of the greatest memories I have from growing up. I remember silly things about someone (eh-hem, Brittani) being worried the watermelon was going to float down the river, getting completely drenched just about everytime we would go camping and the feeling we had when we first went in the trailer and it rained, my brothers making up jokes while we were all trying to go to sleep (always about farting...) and the WONDERFUL time we spent together as a family. I think Keith's family was much the same and many of his memorable family experiences were from camping trips. In any case, I'm glad we're taking the time to do these things with our kids, and although they might not remember these few trips while they are young, hopefully it will start to build a family tradition and instill in them a love for the beauty of nature.
We headed out to Whitney Resevoir and I loved the selclusion of it. We probably only saw 2 other cars the entire time we were there and that was just people passing us to go to the lake. Keith, Gav and Cecil spent lots of time fishing while Max, Carol, and I got to chat and relax. The first fishing trip yielded 12 fish but the second day wasn't quite so prosperous with only 1 fish caught in the last 10 minutes of fishing! We ate lots of good food, played horseshoes (which I learned I am TERRIBLE at) and played a card game called Quiddler that I will be investing in because I never got a chance to win and will be needing some practice!
I feel very fortunate that we have a trailer. I doubt I would have wanted to brave camping at all this year with Max if we didn't. It's already hard enough where he can't get down in the dirt, but it's not as bad with a trailer. I'm really looking forward to next year when he's older and I won't have to take care of quite so many "baby" things.

Thanks for letting us crash your trip, Mom and Pops! We had a great time!

He forgot to put his pants on before his was hilarious!

This is apparently a great shot...don't ask me, I suck a horseshoes!

After a long day of fishing...

He's so sweet

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