Monday, August 9, 2010

From a child's point of view...

I hesitate in posting this because there are certain people in this world who are very suspicious. Am I making sense? Let me re-phrase...there are certain people in this world who if you look at them just a little bit funny they immediately suspect you are pregnant. Does anyone else know people like this, or is it just something about me?

So, please take note:

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT, DO NOT intend to become anytime in the near future, pregnant. Understand? Glad we could work that out.

Now that we've settled that, I would like to share a little conversation Gavin and I had while I was getting him ready for church yesterday.

Gavin: "Mom, I just don't want to do my hair. I just want to wear my hat."

Me: "Bud, we don't wear hats to church. We never wear hats to church."

Gavin, "But, Mom, I just want to wear my hat to church."

Me: "Honey, we don't wear hats to church because it's not very respectful to Heavenly Father."

Gavin (looking astonished): "He's going to be there?!?!"

Me (surpressing a giggle): "Yes, he's always there."

Gavin: "With my sister?"

I lost it at that point and honestly don't remember what was said next. Probably something to the effect of "You're going to be waiting a long time for a sister."

I think Keith really wants a girl. I'm not saying I wouldn't like having one, but I'm pretty sure Keith won't feel like his life is complete until we have both boys and girl(s). He would in fact not mind having one sometime in the near future (refer to disclaimer). Since I am apparently being stubborn (I forgot that selflessly giving your body up for 9 months is being stubborn...) Keith is always saying things to Gavin like, "Tell Mom you need a sister. Wouldn't you like to have a sister, buddy?" Gavin responds with telling my parents he's going to have a sister, and telling me he needs 20 sisters. Ugh. And what if our next baby (again refer to disclaimer) happens to be another brother? Well, we will be thrilled because a baby is a baby whatever way you look at it and we'll just be happy and call ourselves blessed.

Out of the mouths of babes...


Rheanna said...

Love that! My baby is 7 months old and my kids are already pushing for another one....they want twins! They think that everyone has twins except us :o) Love the disclaimer...I think that suspicion is always there until you are BEYOND child-bearing age! So...when are you due--haha! :o)

Mom/Kim/Jewel said...

I love the way you tell a story!! You need to write a daily column somewhere! Knowing Gavin, he will talk to Heavenly Father at church next week and Pre-Order his baby sister!! Let me know when I can expect her! Nice picture!!

bpetersen said...

I agree with mom... you should write more. You are such a GREAT story teller!

Don't worry one day Gav will get his sister and Kenna will get her brother. She keeps telling me my belly needs to get big so she can have a brother. :)

Actually the other day... she fell and hit her hand and it had a little bump on it and she told me that was her baby brother in her hand. :) Hahaha... gotta love kids!