Friday, August 27, 2010

In just 2 short months... baby will be year old! I seriously cannot believe it! Where did the last 10 months go. I know I've done stuff, but it's honestly just FLOWN by. Max gets bigger every day and just the other day while we were camping he decided he would start doing what I call "big boy crawling". Both of my boys have done that funny little army crawl, scoot thing at 9 months and then 10 months they both started "real" crawling. They are so different in so many things, but they have hit so many of those baby milestones at similar times. I don't know why I get so excited when they crawl for real...knowing me and how sensitive I can be about my kids, it's probably because I'm afraid others are laughing at them and their funny crawling. In any's a little bit about Billsy:

He is the HAPPIEST baby in the world! I know a lot of people say that about their kids, but honestly, you just don't get much more content than Max. He already has such a zest for life and the cutest little personality. I have a feeling he's going to be my easy going kid. He is RARELY without a smile.

He loves food. It's so nice that he can eat small pieces of whatever now. He really enjoys it and the second anyone starts eating, he finds his way to them.

He goes to bed like an angel. It's almost sad how easy it is to put him down for a nap or bedtime. He does not want to be rocked or cuddled, you just lay him right down. I miss the cuddling part but I will take the ease with which he does this. I still get plenty of loves.

He says Mama and Dada, and we were pretty sure the other day he was saying Tay when she was tending for me!

He LOVES his big brother. Unfortunately Big Brother doesn't always think it's the best to have Max playing with his stuff. I'm sure that's just normal and there will be plenty of battles to referee between the two! Sometimes Gavin can be incredibly sweet with him though. Especially when Max will wake up, Gavin loves to say, "Good morning, Brother! How was your sleep?" and give him big loves.

At his 9 month check up he weighed in at 21 1/2 lbs (Gav was that by 6 months, so I still feel like Max is small!)

He still only has 2 little teeth and he hasn't even had those for very long. That is something Gavin and Max have differed in for sure. Gav had teeth by 5 months and got them fast. Max has so far been a better teether though!

He is pulling himself up to furniture...he loves it! You can just tell he thinks he's pretty big!

I am sure in love with this cute little guy! Here's a video of his big boy crawling and saying mama, but I took it sideways and I can't find a way to flip it.

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