Saturday, February 2, 2008

Blogging Safety

As many friends and family have told me about how potentially unsafe it is to put so much info about my family on a blog for ANYONE to read and access I thought I too would post and let everyone know why I'm not using my family names within the blog itself. So therefore, those of you who know us, I'm sure you'll understand who I am talking about by just using initials. I'll also abbreviate friends and family names and if you know me well enough you should be able to figure out who I'm talking about.
If anyone wants a few more tips on blogging safety, here are a few websites I've seen from friends and family, and Also, I found out you can get a site tracker for free so you know if there are any weirdos viewing your blog.
So, my request is for my friends and family who have a link to my blog on their blogs... I'd rather not publicize our last name or our children's names, so please don't mention them on your blog, or in comments on my blog. Thanks so much!

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