Friday, February 22, 2008

A Cousin for the day!

Gav's cousin came to play with him and mommy for the day while Aunt B was working. I love my little niece so much. I can't believe how amazing she is! Gavin is very entertained by her and despite the fact that I am chasing around 2 babies, it's easier to have her here because she keeps Gavin happy! I can't believe how well they play with eachother. They are at an age where it doesn't matter if one or the other takes a toy away....they haven't yet learned the "mine" thing. I'm sure it will come one day, but for now that doesn't matter.

I noticed while she was here that they are each so smart in their own ways. They each have learned things that the other hasn't. I guess that goes to show each baby has their own timing and I should worry about thing like how Gavin doesn't crawl normal or isn't walking yet. I think I mostly worry that others will make fun of him. I know there isn't anything wrong with him, that it's just harder for him because he is bigger than most kids his age, but sometimes I worry he'll be teased. There are so many emotions you feel as a mom that I didn't expect myself to feel.


Jodi Kay said...

Janelle, what cute new pictures! I miss being able to see you at least once in a while! Thanks for keeping your blg updated so that I can keep up with your life! Kyle & I found a website that you really need to check out! It's Karaoke & the site is'll need a microphone or your computer needs to have one built in.
Love ya, Aunt Jodi

Three Little Angels said...

So... sweet! I looked at this yesterday when I was in a hurry but I thought it was cute! I'm glad you love Kenna soo.. much!

You need to post Gav's lipstick pictures! :)

Love ya