Monday, February 4, 2008

G's Scrapbook

I have been working on G's scrapbook and I am actually all caught up! Okay, I don't have his 9 month page done, but he's still 9 months and I am waiting for just the right picture! I am going to post all of his pages online here for those of you who won't be seeing them at my house anytime soon! There is an exception of about 2 pages that were not done digitally, so this is only from 2 months on. Thanks for looking!

Thanks for looking! More to come in future posts!


Jodi Kay said...


You are such a good and organized mommy! I still have all of Ryan's pictures in a box (no digital camera's when he was little) and all of Rylee's are on the computer!

How are you making your pages of G? Are they scanned in or all done on computer?

I love you & miss you lots! G is adorable!!

Aunt Jodi

Tristin said...

J,I love the idea of putting his scrapbook online. Your little man is so cute.
Your little sis Tris

MVP Family said...

J, Brittani has told me all about how great you are at the whole digital scrapbook thing, and I have been checking into it. Any good websites? Your pages are adorable and I guess it helps with a handsome boy smiling on everyone one!

Taylor said...


little man is sooo cute I have to agree with everyone he is toally cute.