Thursday, September 25, 2008

Visiting Teachers

I just had a fabulous lunch date with my visiting teachers, and thought I'd try and be the first to blog about it :) Kidding, they just have blogs too, so I know they'll read this, and let's face it, I am much better at expressing my feelings in type rather than telling anyone.

I just wanted them to know that I really appreciate their service to me as my visiting teachers, if nothing more than friendship. It's nice to know I have others I can talk to and I really enjoy their company. I enjoy their strength in the gospel and the wonderful examples they are to me. I think they are both awesome mothers and great friends.

Thanks for everything, Katie and Tammy! I had a wonderful time at lunch (despite Destructo and all of his antics!)

And as previously stated...I don't like when people blog without a picture. I of course did not bring my camera to this lunch date, so you're all going to have to settle for no picture. Deal with it.


bpetersen said...

You're to funny, as I was reading this I of course was thinking..."what no picture?"


Love you!

tamster17 said...

Well -- you did beat me to it! :-) I was going to blog about our lunch date too! I had a great time at lunch as well -- it was nice to get out and do something different for a change! And you can't beat that for a visiting teaching appointment! ;-) At least you didn't knock your little guy's head against a wood railing accidentally! Nice mommy moment! We definitely should do that more often or go to the park or something with the kiddos! I'm glad I've gotten the chance to get to know you as a friend!