Thursday, September 18, 2008


If you haven't read FableHaven by Brandon Mull, I would definitely recommend doing so! Tonight my little sister called to invite me to a book signing at the Pleasant Grove Library for Brandon Mull. Amy, Taylor, Logan, Gavin and I, got there at 6:15 and waited for the doors to open at 6:40. We were about 10th in line. They had us all shuffle in and sit down, not keeping us in order and letting about 5 million kids go up front. No big deal, but I knew we weren't going to be nearly anywhere near 10th in line for the signing. I had no idea that Brandon was going to speak and take questions at first. It was really neat to hear him tell how he got his ideas and inspiration. I was very impressed with him and how personable he was. However, I was not impressed with the library staff! Alright, I know they tried their hardest, but you don't let 5 million kids unsupervised wait to have their book signed...that's just asking for trouble! Taylor and I stayed and waited (she got us a decent spot in line) and we waited, and we waited! It was so fun to be with Taylor and talk to her about the books and just life. She's such a fun sister! So we waited some more and FINALLY we were there. I think I was maybe a little starkstruck, Taylor did much better than me :) We got our books signed and even got a picture. By the time we was 9:15! 3 hours at the library! But worth it for the time I got to spend with Tay. I really appreciated Amy and Logan (and Tristin who came a little later) for helping with Gavin so I could enjoy that. And if you read the books, you might understand the title of my blog!


The Gatherum Family said...

You are so dang creative! I am so happy you are starting a business. I will have to have another baby so I can have you do my announcements! Or maybe I need to get married again so you can do those ;) Anyways, PLEASE don't feel bad about getting me for Boe. I am SOOOO glad you did. He was crazy out of control that day. Hopefully this week is better!

The Martin's said...

Im going to have to read these books.