Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another wedding...

I think from the end of September through October I will be attending a total of 5 million weddings. I might be exaggerating a teeny bit, but not much. I have had the opportunity to do yet another wedding anouncement. This one is for my step-mom's brother. (I suppose you could refer to him as my uncle, but we're the same age and that feels a little less than normal...) My dad did their pictures and I really loved the one of them standing on either side of the bridge. I really wanted the wording to just go right on that picture between them, but the background was really distracting and I didn't want to have to fade the picture too much since the color is beautiful. This is also the first one that I did in a different size. I am really anxious to print it and see how it turns out!


Jewel & Alan said...

Nice way to BRIDGE the gap with their love and togetherness!!!

Yet another awesome announcement from your creative mind!!

Great job!!

tamster17 said...

You are really good at designing announcements girl! You go! They are lucky to have you around to do this for them! Hope the weddings tone down for you though -- you have been a wedding crasher a little much lately! :-)