Monday, September 8, 2008

Nutter Butters

I am watching my nieces, Kirra and Ashlyn, for a little bit while my sister in law goes to the library. (After experiencing the library with a one year old the other day, I thought I would offer...). When I found I out they would be coming, I had to run out and buy Ashlyn some nutter butters. She LOVES these things and it's absolutely hilarious. She carries them around with her and they make her the happiest baby in the world. You'll remember from my previousl post about the zoo, that I went there with these girls. Ash pretty much carried the nutter butters with her the ENTIRE time. So here are a few pictures of my sweet nieces as they spend the day with me!


The Martin's said...

They are adorable!!

Amanda said...

It totally cracks me up that you have a blog about Ashlyn and her Nutter Butters! I found those little cans of Nutter Butters 10 for $10 at Smith's yesterday!!! She loves em! And she loves her Aunt Nelle...thanks for being such a great aunt to my girls! We love ya!