Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Adventures of Sockman and Bucket Head

Late at night, by the light of the full moon, instead of werewovles, around our house appear.....Ta Da! Sockman and his alter ego, Bucket Head! Forget Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, this multiple personality goes way beyond them! Sockman is the fastest runner around. Able to wriggle free of mommy's grasp in just seconds, he leaves a path of destruction everywhere he goes! He's fiesty and lures you in with those golden locks and blue eyes, and then WHAM! You don't know what happened to that floor you just vacuumed. His sidekicks, Pheeb Dog and Barky (a.k.a. Pain in the Neck Cory) wreak havoc on an otherwise silent home, fighting and barking while Sockman looks on, delighting in their terror.

And then, as if by magic, Bucket Head is revealed to save the day! The protection offered him by this swell hat, is astounding, and no one can take him down. With his stuffed chicken he is able to ward off the evil Pheeb Dog and Barky, and even helps mommy clean up some of the destruction left behind in Smithville by Sockman. The only problem for Bucket Head is he can't defeat Sockman without harming himself.

Will Sockman destroy Smithville? Will Bucket Head be able to overcome his alter ego? Tune in next week for more adventures of Sockman, Bucket Head, and his damsel in destress (a.k.a Mommy).


The Martin's said...

HAHAHA!! Hilarious!

Chapman Family said...

Ahh...toddlerhood. Isaac can now walk-he just chooses not to unless it from person to person. What a stinker! Umm, did you get another dog? Or are you dogsitting? That little Gavin is just too funny. (Check out my blog later this evening for the verdict on baby #2!!!)

Edwards Family said...

Could Gavin be ANY cuter?

Jewel & Alan said...

You are so clever and creative!! I love sockman!

The Meyers Family said...

Cutest blog ever!! He is just adorable