Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tristin!

My little "grown up" sister has a birthday today! I can't believe she is 13! I still remember when she was 2 and wanted to stay up all night long and play baby. I, of course, was the baby, and she took such good care of me! Now I watch her growing up and she must have gotten a lot of good practice in those years. She is an amazing aunt and babysitter to Gavin. She's such a modest young woman, who already at this age knows and lives the gospel. She sets an example for Taylor and Logan as a big sister, and she's even an example to me and Britt. She's kind, and thoughtful, and loving, and sweet, and honest, and I could go on forever! Tristin has a very gentle personality and is kind to everyone. I have never heard her speak a bad word about another person, something I definitely could learn from. We love you, Tristin. Thank you for being a great sister, aunt and a best friend.

(Picture will be uploaded tonight, I have to go and get one of her all grown up!)

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The Lords said...

Holy Cow!! She IS all grown up. I have not seen your sisters in SUCH a long time. It is weird how big kids get in such a short about of time. Thanks for sharing!