Sunday, September 9, 2012


Oh cake decorating...I have such a love/hate relationship with it!  I absolutely love the finished product and feeling proud that I accomplished it, but the work...oh the work.  Sometimes I wonder if people realize how much time goes into making a cake.  I'm getting so much faster at it, but it's still a process.  I do enjoy doing it though and I'm happy to do them when people ask.  I feel like I've been better about saying no if I just don't have the time as well.  I can't believe how many I have done late and how many I have scheduled to do.  There are always things when I'm done with a cake that I wish I would have done better, but for the most part, I'm really happy with them when they are finished. Here's what I've been up to!

Ok, not a cake.  But they were cute and enjoying cake :)

And this is what happens when Max sneaks into the freezer in the garage.  I somehow managed to fix it as you can tell from the original picture :)  I was SOOOOOO mad though!  He is lucky he had fallen asleep before I found it!


Mistie said...

wow. love them all. wondering how you got ariel looking so natural and real. wow, wow, wow.

Rheanna said...

Your cakes are amazing and even more amazing after showing damage done by your son, then the final talented!

The Martin's said...

They all look amazing as always!! When I grow up I want to be like my beef and be talented at making cakes, taking pictures etc!!!!!! Good job Beefy!