Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mother and son Date "Knight"

Our local Chick Fil A was hosting a mother/son date "knight" this past week. I found out about it like the week before and luckily they had 2 reservations left, so I called up my sweet sis in law MaryAnn and booked us some reservations. I had no idea what to expect going into it. There really wasn't a lot about it, they just said it would be a memorable night for you and your son(s). If nothing else, who doesn't love eating their food, LOL. We were pleasantly surprised with the events held. I'm sure it just got a lot of people in to buy their food, but they really did have to spend time planning the event and paying some of the entertainment. They had a little craft area where the kids could make a "fire-breathing" dragon. Another station where they wrote a note to their mom and then tied it up like a scroll. They also had some balloons tied up like swords, a shield to decorate and a magic show. A lot of the stuff was definitely for younger children (so the boys loved it!). I enjoyed the photo thing they did where they dressed the boys up like knights and put me in a crown and robe and took a picture of us together. We haven't received it yet so I'll have to add it when we get it. All in all, it was a fun event and just something different to do. I don't get out enough and do fun things with the kids. I need to be better about being less of a homebody!

Don't my sweet nephew look thrilled?  LOL

Max was terrified of the cows they had dressed up.  Go figure since he was fine at Disneyland LOL

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