Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gavin's 5th birthday!

And now on to April :) This year Gavin turned 5 and requested a Super Mario Bros birthday!  He was also POSITIVE that we were going to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday celebration.  I hate Chuck E. Cheese.  It's gross.  However, I learned it's most the just the ghetto one in Orem that's gross.  I'd never been to the one in Sandy and was happy that it was MUCH cleaner :)  We met K and her son Earick there for some fun as well as Britt, Kenna and Pais.  Afterwards we headed back home for cake and ice cream with Carol and Cecil and Mom and Al.  Chelsea and Myah came as well and Gavin felt very spoiled and loved by all!  He was so excited and just kept saying, "I can't believe I'm really 5!" 

Birthday's mean I make them a special cake of their request so in keeping with the Mario theme, we did an old school Mario scene on the cake.  Gavin loved it and that made me happy.  I hate spending all of that time on a cake for the recipient to not be thrilled :)  

Not going to lie...I was pretty proud of this Mario :)

So happy with my sweet 5 year old!  He is the most creative, imaginative kid I know.  He is always playing some kind of pretend and is so clever.  He absorbs information like a sponge and says the most hilarious things ever!  He always keeps us on our toes and he is always quick to say he loves you.  He talks NON STOP (which I seem to remember hearing on my report cards LOL).  He is so cute when he forgets what he is trying to say.  He will be trying to get my attention and when I finally turn to him and he can't remember he just says, "I love you mom.  You're pretty."  That's great for the self-esteem :)  He love hugs and I hope he always stays that way.  Gavin is excellent at drawing and love to write his name and Max's name on everything.  He does not love going to primary (LOL) but is always happy afterwards.  He love to help me in the kitchen.  Anytime I'm making a cake he decides that it's some stuffed animals birthday and he must suddenly make them a cake with whatever I can spare.  He picks on his brother to no end, but can also be sweet with him and will usually refer to him as "Bud" when talking to him.  Gavin LOVES his dad and wants to do everything he is doing.  When Gavin talks about when he is grown up he never says, "When I am older, or bigger" he says, "When I'm a dad...".  He is a joy to spend time with each and every day and I'm so proud of the wonderful boy he is already and is becoming.  I love you, Gavin.  More than words can say.  You'll always be my sweet, wonderful first born. 

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