Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gavin's Preschool Graduation

Our cute little firstborn graduated preschool! I know I already blogged about him starting Kindergarten, but in the interest of catching was the end of preschool! This year Keith kept asking him if he was going to sing the songs because the previous year he just kind of sat there! This year he did not disappoint and was so cute up there perform. He mostly just kept waving to us, which was of course so stinkin cute. He got to sit by his little friend McKayla, who from day 1 of preschool the first year was infatuated with Gavin. It did not stop for the whole 2 years of school :) She is so cute and Gavin thought she was great too. They have even talked a couple of times on the phone since school was out. Ah...young love! We're so proud of sweet Gavin! He really enjoyed this preschool and his teachers Ms. Karrie and Ms. Kaylie. It was interesting to me to see how his social skills really improved the first year and then how much he learned the 2nd year. My favorite part was when Ms. Karrie asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. I thought for sure he would say a police officer like he usually says, but he said he wanted to be a scuba diver! And if that wasn't funny enough, when McKayla got up right after him she said she wanted to be a scuba diver! Her mom was laughing so hard because she knows she only did it because Gavin said it. I would say we're looking forward to Kindergarten, but we're already there and loving it :) Way to go, Gavin!

I have a cuter picture of him and McKayla, but it's on my other computer.  I'll update soon.

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