Sunday, September 23, 2012

Soccer Star

Gavin has started playing soccer this year!  A few of his cousins are really into soccer and my sis in law MaryAnn called to see if we thought Gavin would want to play on Craig's team this year.  He plays on the same team as her daughter Adalie and it has to be about the funniest thing to watch!  They are so cute and I'm pretty impressed with his team...all the kids just get right in there and try hard.  The first team they played was sooooo tiny.  The second team that they played was so funny to watch.  The kids were not really into it at all...there was one kid that just kept running out of the game telling his mom he really didn't want to play!  Gavin really seems to enjoy it and despite his seemingly lack of coordination (LOL I'm sure it will come!) he scored his first goal the 2nd game!  He was so cute, and I was definitely a proud soccer mom!  He has come home from school most days and asked if he could go in the backyard to practice his soccer.  Secretly I really enjoy soccer because it means I get to see Craig, MaryAnn and the kids more often :)  His team is the "Blue Sharks".  I'm sure I'll post another round of pictures eventually, but this one was after their little clinic they had.  Way to go, Gav!

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bpetersen said...

Does he have a game saturday? If so, I am coming with the girls!! I miss him!!