Saturday, September 8, 2012

Girls Trip to Vegas!

I've never really gotten to go on a girls trip before. I won't was awesome! I only had to worry about me and no one else.  Who knew what that was actually like!  It sounds selfish to say that I'm sure, but it was a really, really nice break that I needed.  My sweet neighbor Jeri invited me and some other friends.  We had such a great time!  We just spent a lot of time giggling, laying out, shopping, going to dinner and we went to see a Cirque show.  And we laughed...a lot!  It was great to have a weekend getaway.  Things I don't want to forget: 

  • We didn't even get 40 minutes away and Jeri got a speeding ticket!
  • I remember talking a lot about chocolate....
  • Freemont Street.  Never been there before.  It was quite the experience.  Not great for me and my anxiety LOL
  • Jeri not using any sun screen and me loading up on the 70 SPF :)
  • Jeri and the went through a shark tank and she kept trying to stop and wave at us through this part.  She got plowed into by someone else.  Quite possibly the funniest moment ever!  For us anyway, maybe not her :)

Thanks for inviting me, Jer!  It was so cute when I came home too.  Gavin had made me a welcome home sign and there were flowers waiting for me.  Do you think they missed me?  I know Keith did, obviously since I relived him of children duties!
Bree and Jeri....2 of my VERY favorite people :)

Me and Jeri

Took this for Keith...he love Pawn Stars!

I've been to Vegas a couple of times, but never actually been to THE sign.

This was on our way there when we stopped for lunch.  Can you tell that we were excited for the sun?!?!

Jeri and Jera

One night at dinner. 

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