Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Bedroom

We've lived in our house a lot longer than I ever thought we would. We really like it here. That's not to say I'll be staying here forever because I desperately want a new house. We need something bigger...we have way too much crap! Anyway, slowly but surely we are making some new updates since things are starting to look "lived in". I redid my bathroom (I don't think I ever posted any shots of that?) and my next plan was wanting to redo the kitchen, but we ended up getting new bedroom furniture. The best part is the king sized bed. I've ALWAYS wanted one. Keith is so wiggly and let's face it, neither one of us is tiny. It is pure HEAVEN to have such a big bed. I wasn't sure it and all of the other furniture would fit in our room, and it is a little bit of a squeeze, but I'm so pleased with how it turned out. We painted as well. That was kind of a joke. We walked into Home Depot to look at paint I immediately found what I wanted. Keith hemmed and hawed over different ones until he eventually decided he wanted to try these other samples. So we got his choices and mine, put his up on the wall and I said no. He wasn't thrilled with my choice either, but begrudgingly did what I wanted. I absolutely LOVE it. It's so calm and soothing in my room now. It's just the perfect color. I had something specific in mind for the bedding (which we did find before the paint by the way) and surprisingly found something similar to what I wanted at Sams Club of all places! So it's beautiful and it was an awesome deal. This may be the lamest post ever, but my bedroom makes me so happy...I love having something so nice. Now just waiting until I can afford new for the rest of the house LOL

This is where it's a bit of a squeeze to get into the master bath, but it works :)

We have these on both sides and we now have lamps for them as well.

I love it!!!

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Rheanna said...

We dream about one day having bedroom furniture...for now, I'll just keep pretending :)