Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lake Powell 2012

The end of June was my first ever trip to Lake Powell. Actually, I think I went when I was a kid, but don't really remember it. I've heard everyone talk about how they go to Lake Powell every year and how much they love it, blah, blah, blah. Or so I thought anyway. I was not prepared for just how much I would love it! Some of Keith's friends growing up invited us to go with them. Their parents have a time share on a houseboat and they happened to invite us to join them. I was excited to go, but honestly, until I got there, I had no idea how great it would be. I really and truly loved it. By far one of my very favorite vacations ever and I feel really privileged to have been invited. It was really nice to stay on a houseboat and just spend the entire day out on the water. Not to mention I could totally live in a swimsuit every day! That is the life! The kids loved it...swimming, dirt, boat rides, tubing, eating...what didn't they love. I was worried about them not wanting to keep their life jackets on the whole time, but they didn't complain at all! They were fairly good the whole time as well. They were a little done by the end of the week, but Gavin still asks me all the time if we can call Renee and see if she'll take us to Lake Powell again LOL. Thanks so much for a fun trip Glade and Renee! We loved it!

Ann and Liam...I've never seen a kid love the water more than Liam did.  Seriously.

We took a drive through this canyon...absolutely breathtaking!

He's loving this!

He fell asleep every time he got on the boat :)

"Look, Mom! The moon!"

He is such a cheeser

We hiked to see some Indian ruins...way cool!

A little hike we took just above where the houseboat was.

I love this picture

Love this one too :)

Happened to catch this after a little rainstorm

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures ever!

Is this hot or what?!?!

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