Sunday, September 9, 2012

I absolutely LOVE girls camp! It was one of my favorite times when I was younger and I think it's just as good even though I'm all grown up :) In my mind, Girl's Camp is like payday for all the hard work you do all year! This year we were lucky enough to go to Heber Valley Camp. It's the most amazing place for camp! Cabins, showers, flushy toilets. Truly a Heaven on Earth LOL! I love our girls. Really, they are some of the most amazing girls I know. I'm sure that all leaders say that about their girls, but ours really do win out. Another of my favorite parts? The other leaders! It's so much fun to be with them. Feels like a girls week sometimes! Oh sure there's work, but there may also be diet coke and lots of treats! A couple of highlights:

  • Skit night...always a goody!
  •   Driving there with Karen and Alyssa...2 of my BFFs :) 
  •  Justin Beiber LOL 
  •  Great food!
  •  Diet Coke 
  •  The overnight hike. I was originally scheduled to go on this but went last minute for another leader. I'm so glad I did...totally ended up being my favorite night. 
  •  The challenge course! We had to climb up a telephone pole, walk across a rope then zip line down. It was great! 
  •  Testimony meeting.
  • Getting lost on the hike thanks to Connie and Jeri :)

 I always feel so revived (and exhausted....) after camp. Looking forward to next year!!!
Love that I get a week with Jer!

Hike...that we got lost on.  Don't put Jeri and Connie in charge LOL

We came to this sign on our hike.  In case you can't see it it says, "No hikers beyond this point."

Spa day at camp?!?!

Leader skit

Gotta love the Frischknechts!

Me and Karen <3 br="br">

Leaving for our overnighter

Me and Jer <3 br="br">

This deer was totally just hanging out with us.

This one is for her mama when she reads this :)

Do I look a little scared??  I wasn't, but I think I was so tired from climbing up on that pole I was a little shaky and that made me nervous!

And now is the fun :)

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Rheanna said...

Girls Camp really is the best, especially at Heber Valley :)