Thursday, August 28, 2008


If I let Gavin live outside, he would be the happiest child in the world. He wants to be out there from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep. He has even learned to say "outside"! He says it really fast and over and over (sounds like he's hyperventilating) and points at the backdoor. If I say no, he freak out, so then I usually end up saying yes. Keith has informed me that I need to stop giving him everything he wants, but it's so much easier for my sanity! Anyway, first thing this morning he wanted to go out again. He loves cereal but he only took 2 bites of it and kept informing me that he really wanted to go outside. So, rather than getting him dressed while and making him wait, I just let him go out in his jammies. I know, I know, I'm pathetically weak! I took some cute pictures of him on the trampoline, but it was backed up in the corner so the background is our pretty (haha) trailer. Go ahead and ignore that.

Also, we have been getting a few tomatoes here and there and they are really starting to take off this week! I love having fresh stuff from the garden and as you can see, next week I will be doing nothing but picking and canning green beans! Gavin really enjoys helping me in the garden every night, which consists of him covering himself in dirt. I have yet to get a picture of this because I never remember to bring my camera out and don't dare go back in for it and risk my mud-caked son following me into the house unchaperoned! I'll try and remember tonight to bring it out ahead of time!


The Martin's said...

He is so cute! If you happen to be making any of your fabulous salsa, I get dibs on a jar!!!

Jewel & Alan said...

What a cute little jumping boy!! Who cares about the jammies, he could live in them and still be adorable!! Great job on the garden and I have dibs on a jar of salsa too! Pretty soon there will be none left for you! Love ya sooo much and keep up the great work on all of your talented ventures! PS -- Edward says hi!

tamster17 said...

Gavin is so cute! My kiddos love being outside too -- that's why a fenced back yard is crucial in my book! Have you guys always had a trampoline?

Your garden looks great girl! It really is wonderful being able to get fresh stuff from a garden -- I love it! Can I trade you a couple of pumpkins for some green beans? I didn't grow beans this year & that sounds good! Just FYI -- We copied an idea with PVC pipe and string from the Meakin's for tomatoe vines to climb up & it has worked great -- it's so easy to see them and pick them off.