Thursday, August 28, 2008

Staying Busy

All in one week I have had 4 announcement jobs to do! I know what you're thinking, "Here she goes bragging about her digital stuff again!" Oh well, you chose to read this post :) Good thing I love doing them I suppose. First was a birth announcement for my brand new BEAUTIFUL niece! I love how this turned out! Any announcement looks better when the people in them are cute (and you use a really good photographer, i.e. my dad, who didn't happen to do any of these pictures, but still....)

Next I have been designing some options for my step-dad's brother and his fiancee. Here are my 2 favs from their options....

This one doesn't look like much, but it looks fabulous printed.

I like the colors on this picture

3rd was the most fun so best friend Torie's sister, Steph, is getting married next month in Vegas and they wanted a fun invite for their reception when they get back home....

And last, but I LOVE how these turned out, are Britt's sister in law's. They are so cute and have cute little boys! Here are their options:

If they choose this last one I think I need to center the wording to not

cover up the picture so much.


The Martin's said...

Damn your talented! Those are so good, I love the birth announcement.

Soren and Sandy said...

Oh you are freakin' amazing!! I wish I could do all those cool things you do!